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Let me ask you this....

  •  Do you want to use more video in your communications and marketing but don't have the budget to hire someone?

  • Interested in learning the basics about producing your own videos but don't want to watch hours of YouTube Videos?

  • Do you learn best by "doing" in hands-on situations with an expert to help when you get stuck?  

If you answered, "yes" to any of these questions, the Video Storytelling 101 workshop is perfect for you.

In one day, we'll teach you the basics of shooting and editing simple, yet polished videos that will help you create your own videos using your smartphone and some basic editing software.

One part education, one part hands-on workshop, you'll walk out of this workshop with a video that you shot and edited in class and the skills to become the master video storyteller to move your company forward!

What's covered?
  • Tips for shooting professional videos, including interviewing basics
  • Video editing basics that will make your videos look polished
  • Hands-on project that will put it all into practice 
What you'll need:
  • A smartphone to shoot video
  • A laptop with iMovie or Adobe Rush video editing software (contact me if you have another program)
  • A microphone to plug into your phone (optional)
  • The ability to upload video clips from your phone to your computer (testing this before class is recommended)
  • The desire to have a little fun!

About the Instructor - Kim Garrett, Slingshot25

I've been a video producer for nearly 30 years. Before smartphones. Before ring lights. Before digital editing. There's no question - video is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story and connect with audiences.

So many content creators, communications and marketing professionals, and small business owners have great stories and ideas for using video to advance their business, but don't have the budget to hire someone for every project AND they feel overwhelmed with the idea of doing it themselves.

That's why I've created this workshop. I've made the switch from using high-end, professional gear to using the tools most of us use every day to produce engaging, creative and fun videos!

If you have a smartphone and basic editing software, you can do it, too. I can help.

This workshop is designed to keep it simple and also be hands-on. You will plan, shoot and edit
a short video in class and walk out with a finished product. Don't worry, I'll be there to help, if you get stuck. I'm so excited to see your beautiful creations!

Enroll for only $499

Contact Kim Garrett | | 515.520.9559

Is equipment holding you back? Contact me, we might be able to accommodate you. 

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